8 Installation

8.1 Environment

youbin Ver.2 works on these environment.
HP 9000/712, HP-UX 09.03

Sun SPARCstation, SunOS 4.1.1, X11R5 and X11R6
Sun SPARCstation, SunOS 5.3, X11R6
Solbourne Series5/600E (Sun compatible), OS/MP4.1A.3, X11R6

MIPS RC6280, RISC/os 4.52C, RISCwindows4.0 (cc with either sysv or bsd43) 
MIPS RC6280, RISC/os 4.52C, X11R5 (gcc)
MIPS RS4440, RISC/os 5.0B, RISCwindows4.1 (cc with either sysv or bsd43)

NEC EWS4800/360AD, EWS-UX/V(Rel4.2 R8.1)

NeXT NeXTstation, NEXTSTEP 3.0, CnX (X11R5)

OMRON LUNA-2, Mach 2.5 Ver 1.20

8.2 Newest release (FTP and HTML)

You can get the newest release of youbin package with FTP from ftp://ftp.nuie.nagoya-u.ac.jp/nagoya-u/. Current release is You can also see newest information in HTML format. Access to http://www.agusa.nuie.nagoya-u.ac.jp/software/youbin/youbin-e.html with a WWW client.

8.3 Directory organization

<YOUBIN_TOP>			Source programs including header files
				README(This file)
				ChangeLog (In Japanese)
				patches to popd, popper and xpbiff
<YOUBIN_TOP>/Doc 		Online manual
 				Specifications of youbin protocol
				State transition diagram
<YOUBIN_TOP>/Doc.Japanese	Online manual
 				Specifications of youbin protocol
				State transition diagram
<YOUBIN_TOP>/Bitmap 		youbin standard pixmap (color)
youbinEmpty.xpm youbinFull.xpm
and ones magnified 1.5 and 2

	Bitmaps by Takashi Kawamura
youbinNai.xbm, youbinKita.xbm

8.4 Configuration

Set the variables of Imakefile appropriately.
	BINDIR = /usr/local/bin
BINDIR is a directory in which xyoubin, youbin, and sendto are installed. SERVER_BINDIR is a directory for youbind.

When Pixmap is used for display, the beginning # of the following lines should be removed.

	# Uncomment following lines, if you want to use pixmap.
	# XPM_LIBS = str_to_pixmap.o locate_pixmap.o
	# XPM_FLAGS = -lXpm -lXwchar
Because Xpm library (libXpm.a) is used, it is possible to compile only when X11R5/contrib/lib/xpm has been installed.

8.5 Compilation

Execute the followings.
% xmkmf
% make

8.6 Test

It is necessary to stop comsat when comsat is in inetd.conf or having already been running. Add '#' at the first column of the line
	comsat dgram  udp  wait  root /usr/etc/in.comsat  in.comsat
in the file /etc/inetd.conf. Then send HUP signal to inetd to reread /etc/inetd.conf.
% kill -HUP <process id of inetd>
(1) Start of server

Login as root. Execute

% youbind -d
(2) Start of client

Execute youbin. Send mail to the user who execute youbin. If he gets a message

	New mail for <user name>@<mail server> has arrived:
then youbin and youbind operate well. When you want to test client from a different machine than mail server, please specify the host name of mail server with -s option.
	youbin -s <mail server>

8.7 Installation and operation

The command
% make install
will install all related files. Add following lines to /etc/rc.local in the case of BSD, and to /etc/rc.* in the case of SYSV. They start youbin services.
if [ -f <SERVER_BIN>/youbind ]; then
	<SERVER_BIN>/youbind;	(echo -n ' youbind')	>/dev/console
Here, <SERVER_BINDIR> is a directory specified in Imakefile.

8.8 Compilation and installation of YouBin.app

(1) Change directory to NeXTclient with FileViewer. Double click the icon of PB.project. Then Project Builder is activated. Push the button "Builder". To field "Argument", type in
	install INSTALLDIR=/LocalApps
Then push the "BUILD" button.

If you have not installed Developer Package, you can install the attached binary package.

% cd NeXTclient
% tar cf - ./YouBin.app | (cd /LocalApps; tar xf -)
(2) retrieve Use Terminal.app and change directory to NeXTclient/retrieve.
% make
It makes "retrieve". Then
% su

% cp retrieve /LocalApps/YouBin.app/retrieve
% chown root /LocalApps/YouBin.app/retrieve
% chmod 4755 /LocalApps/YouBin.app/retrieve
(3) youbin Change directory to where (2) is done (if you did not execute (2), do % make youbin first).
% cp youbin /LocalApps/YouBin.app/youbin
% chown root /LocalApps/YouBin.app/youbin
% chmod 4755 /LocalApps/YouBin.app/youbin

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